My Current Kick – 1 – Baby Food

This is  an idea I’ve been “kicking” around for awhile. I propose to do a post and an in-house happening to address topics that are on my mind. Right now, I’m really interested in baby food. My tiny baby is turning into a big girl really quickly. So, let’s explore some basic purees and learn from one another about introducing real foods!

Right now I’m taking some cues from Sally Fallon’s (now classic) text Nourishing Traditions. We’ve been exploring egg yolks and (going to do) soaked oatmeal. With my first child, we did Gerber oatmeal first. And we spent a little time doing store-bought veggies and fruit. She mostly started eating off our plates when appropriate.

My oldest was definitely older (more like 6 or 7 months) before we started doing “real” food. She was perfectly happy being breastfed until then. My new one seems bored with breastfeeding. She’ll pause long enough during the day to wet her whistle, so to speak, but does most of her nursing at night. Just today we’ve done an egg yolk (as per Nourishing Traditions) and some store-bought green bean puree for supper. I do still nurse on demand during the day.

Have any stories to share? Want to come over and make your baby’s favorite baby food? Come on over! 🙂

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